Wigs of Hairstyles Through the Ages

Hair is said to be the ‘crowning glory’ and rightly so. This obsession with beautiful hair isn’t unique to our day, although now we have the wigs to mimic hairstyles through the ages. Importance of hair and hair products are as old as Alexander’s golden locks.

Long before the coming of blow dryers and curling irons, people were fascinated with hair and wearing a wig was often a standard item of daily attire. It was a reflection of cultural identity, social trend and economic standing in a society.

Cleopatra Wig

Wigs were, in fact, born during the days of yore. Early Roman hairstyles were accentuated with Blonde hairpieces made from the hair of prisoners. They sprinkled gold dust on strands as a status symbol. The Egyptians were no less. Cleopatra is a good example. Her hairstyles were elaborate. How did she do it? She didn’t, her slaves did it for her! Convenient.

The 18th century was the age of decorated curls, mile-high coiffures, long ringlets and hair accessories like feathers, bows and garlands. Styles changed more frequently as the decades went by. After the puritanical conventionality of the Victorian age (barring the Bohemian personalities), the 1920’s saw hairstyles of a free spirit with bobs and short waves.

Hairstyles of the 40's

By the 1940’s short curls and long, wavy natural hairstyles were popular. The 1950’s were highlighted by the ups-wept shape of the ‘scoop cut’. The 1960’s – 1970’s saw the emergence of the hippie era with long, free flowing hair, big hair adorned with flowers and a natural, healthy next-door-neighbour sort of look.

As the years progressed, there was more freedom in choice. Hairstyles were constantly changing and any look was acceptable, not bound by conformism or non-conformism.

We’re now at a day and age where hairstyles are personal choices. It is the epitome of one’s personality, can be borrowed and bent from any decade and is ever-changing. No more does one go through life sporting a single style. Now, variety is the spice of life!

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