Dublin Zombie Walk – 4th Aug 2012

Zombie walk 2012One of our favourite calendar events comes around again, The Dublin Zombie Walk takes place this Saturday the 4th of August 2012. We are meeting at 2pm in St. Stephens Green, on the Leeson Street corner of the park.

This year the event is raising money for Barnardos, which is a fantastic children’s charity.

For those that didn’t attend on the previous years, it’s a great day out for both families and adults. It’s extremely well organized, costs nothing to attend so it’s an ideal way to spend a Saturday afternoon on the bank holiday because the atmosphere is fantastic. Check out lasts years zombie walk:

If you liked our zombie Jesus costume that’s featured in the above video, wait till you see what Dave will be wearing this year!

While dressing up isn’t required, you could just come along to spectate, it really does add to the fun of the day! Here’s some of our staff picks of the top zombie costumes:

Zombie Girl Costume

Zombie costume

And Ofcourse it wouldnt be a proper zombie fest without the zombie make-up, scars and maybe some flesh eating maggots…

Zombie Make up

Zombie Make UpMake Up